The Queen Must Die:

The Queen Must Die:

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Ita€™s the year 1587 and dangers menace England from all directions. Not only does a Spanish invasion threaten the kingdom, but discontented Catholics are also fomenting revolt. One such group devises a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth during a theatrical performance, hoping to place the Catholic Mary Stewart on the throne instead. But during a back street brawl, one of these conspirators is killed, and so the would-be assassins need a replacementa€”a player who might be secretly Catholic, and harbor a grudge against Elizabeth. These conspirators discover a new player from Stratford-upon-Avon, Will Shakespeare, who has left his wife, Anne, and their three children to pursue his love of the theater. He has all of the qualifications for the mission, but can he be convinced to take part in this dangerous undertaking? The task seems impossible until an unexpected turn of events gives the young Will Shakespeare a reason to join the conspiracy.a€œDo you understand?a€ a€œYes, sir.a€ a€œYou know how much trust I put in you. Do you not?a€ a€œYes, and I thinkI have earned it.a€ a€œYes, yes, that you have, Deborah. Just earn it one more time. When you count up todaya#39;s proceeds, put them aside.

Title:The Queen Must Die:
Author:John Scarinci
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-04-29


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