The Queen's Gold

The Queen's Gold

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Steven, aboard a sailing ship en route from Malaya to Hong Kong with his family, awakens to find himself injured and being nursed by a native woman he does not know. Where is his family? The other shipmates? How did he get to be here with this stranger? Suddenly it all came flooding back in a renewed burst of awareness...Pirates! Steven desperately needed to know what had happened to his father, mother and sister. Were they safe with natives like himself? When would he be able to see them again? As this woman tended to his wounds, he became drowsy and sank back into a deep sleep, still wondering when he would see his people again.A lad came scurrying up the notched log ladder into the village veranda with two of the durian fruits, as large as footballs and ... Before he had time to reflect, the door was thrown open and Siti came in to present him with one of the fruits.

Title:The Queen's Gold
Author:Norma R. Youngberg
Publisher:TEACH Services, Inc. - 2000


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