The Quest Begins

The Quest Begins

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Three bears; one incredible journey to the ends of the Earth. The remarkable follow-up series to the New York Times best-seller, Warriors. Three bears from very different worlds are about to embark on the quest of a lifetime. Kallik is a polar bear from the frozen expanse of the Arctic Circle, Lusa is a black bear restricted to the confinement of the zoo and Toklo is a grizzly bear faced with the unpredictability of the Rocky Mountains. When the bears are separated from their families their lives hang in the balance. Forced to rely on their instincts and drawn to each other by extraordinary circumstances, these bears must search, not only for the food that will keep them alive, but for a safe haven in an increasingly hostile environment. Faced with killer whales, fiercely territorial bears, starvation and the ever-present danger of human intervention, Kallik, Lusa and Toklo are left with only one place to go . . . But the journey is long and hard, and the bears are only young. Will they make it to their destination, or will they face extinction? The first magical instalment of Erin Huntera€™s Seekers series. Seekers explores profound environmental themes through the eyes of those suffering at the hands of humans in six epic fantasy books. Animal stories for both boys and girls touching on the wonder, savagery and fragility of the natural world.The spirits are there to guide you. If you are a good bear, they will always be there to take care of you and help you find food or shelter.a#39; a#39;Ia#39;d rather you took care of me, a#39; Kallik said with a shiver. a#39;Ia#39;ll take care of you too, a#39; her mother promised.

Title:The Quest Begins
Author:Erin Hunter
Publisher:Egmont UK - 2011-01-01


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