The Rainy Day House

The Rainy Day House

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Assertive, successful Abby Richardson has lost her seventeen-year-old son in an automobile accident, and is still grieving three months later. Her husband is growing impatient with her daily tears; he says she isn't fun anymore. And her boss is anxious for her to come back to work to run a huge system implementation project at the city's largest hospital. But Abby just can't seem to get it together; why does everyone expect her to be the same person she was before the death of her son? She needs an escape away from her job, failing marriage and grief...and returns to her childhood vacation place, the spacious, yet cozy cottage at Lakeside, left to her by her parents. It's here that Abby meets a nine-year-old boy and a local man, who give her the healing she so desperately needs. But soon, she feels pressured as Jack and Adam depend on her for so much. How much can she really give? And before she gets locked into more commitments, she needs to figure out who she wants to be, and where she wants to go. Will her new-found wings be clipped before she even gets a chance to fly?Then her mind drifted to her home office in Cleveland, the sound of David mixing a martini and starting a fire. The sound of Mike and his ... mouth after each song. When the band played a€œSometimes You Cana#39;t Make It The Rainy Day House 341.

Title:The Rainy Day House
Author:Linda Legeza
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-07


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