The Rat Bastards Book 11: Nightmare Alley

The Rat Bastards Book 11: Nightmare Alley

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War brings them to life!Send them out on leave and they're a ragged band of losers who will tear any town apart. Bring them back and they're the most effective bloodletting machine the Japanese have ever had to face. The Rat Bastards. The Mps can't bust them because the Army needs them to win the war. This time they're faced with their bloodiest challenge ever, as the brass sends them on a trop to the closest thing to hell on earth...The Pacific war zone known as Nightmare Alley.The Rat Bastards.Taking out his Ka-bar knife, he cut the bunch of bananas loose, and they dropped away, falling to the ground, landing with a thud. Jimmy jumped ... He could trap rabbits, if there were any rabbits on Hawaii; and if there were no rabbits, hea#39;d trap something else. Somehow hea#39;d ... Jimmy lunged for his full field pack, put it on, grabbed a handful of bananas, and sped off in the opposite direction. This is goinganbsp;...

Title:The Rat Bastards Book 11: Nightmare Alley
Author:Len Levinson


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