The Real Animal House

The Real Animal House

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qLoud, raucous, infantile, racy, and very funny...The book is full of likable eccentrics, sexual shenanigans, and--if you know where to look for them--valuable life lessons.q--Booklist Animal House, the movie, didn't tell the half of it. Writing with a freshness and joy that make Dartmouth 1960 feel like a beer-soaked rock-and-roll heaven on earth, Chris Miller tells the real story of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity as no one else could. Seal, Doberman, Otter, the legendary Moses (he of the burning bush) - these titans and dozens of others come alive again, terrorizing the administration, taunting cops, surviving their own lunacy, and challenging the squareness of a stifling time. The Real Animal House is the perfect antidote for a conventional age much like today. qA breezy, chuckle-worthy read, and a must for the Animal House fan.q -Courier-Post qAction-packed. . . . A boozy holler of a book, with a great soundtrack.q -Kirkus Reviews qA seriously funny read. . . . The joy and exuberance that Pinto and his pals demonstrate holds a lesson for every generation that needs to learn not to blindly follow the expectations of parents and guidance counselors, but to seek out those blissful bands of merry misfits that appear from time to time.q -ReviewYou know, a€I told herbrightly, offeringher blouse, a€œwe mightwant to get an early starttomorrow. That ski jumpstarts pretty earlyinthe ... How nice, once carnal cravings were satisfied, to be doing this instead of that. WHAM! THE DOOR FLEWOPEN.

Title:The Real Animal House
Author:Chris Miller
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2007-10-08


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