The Red Corridor

The Red Corridor

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Ramu, a typical Bihari servant, loves to flash his red torch light on the images of voluptuous heroines in the cinema hall and disparages foreign cuisine. He plays Lakshman during the Ramlila festivities, grudging the importance given to Hanuman. Could he be a murderer? Has he killed Manian? Timila thinks so and interrogates him thinking about their interwoven lives in Chennai. Timila, an expatriate from Nepal, is branded Nepali-girl-with-no brains by her new, urban friends in Chennai. She is mocked since she cannot comprehend western social etiquette. She falls in love with Manian, a Tamilian businessman obsessed with medical research, who tries to cure her facial flaws. In alien Chennai, she meets Ramu, Manian's servant who incidentally hails from her hometown. The riots in Nepal flared up by the Madhesis, the Indian-origin-inhabitants of Nepal, thwart the fledgling relationship between Ramu and Timila, who are two Madhesis uprooted and treated shoddily by an unfamiliar world. Manian and Timila find love and success in Chennai when suddenly death comes knocking.... Can Timila find a satisfying denouement?I look better without it, a€ said Manian with an ironical smile. ... Good, it sounds more real than the actual meaning. ... a chapter in which Chinese traditional healers use donkey skins to extract a#39;ejiaoa#39; to make a traditional Chinese medicine a#39;nu baoa#39; to increase womena#39;s libido and vitality. ... Thata#39;s why he wanted to start his own business dealing with chemicals rather than get into his fathera#39;s steel business.

Title:The Red Corridor
Author:Ritu Dokania
Publisher:Pustak Mahal - 2010-01-01


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