The Reel Truth

The Reel Truth

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Did you know that most of the biggest indie filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers working today each made the same avoidable mistakes early on in their careers? The Reel Truth details the pitfalls, snares, and roadblocks that aspiring filmmakers encounter. Reed Martin interviewed more than one hundred luminaries from the independent film world to discuss the near misses that almost derailed their first and second films and identify the close shaves that could have cut their careers short. Other books may tell you the best way to make your independent film or online short, but no other book describes so candidly how to spot and avoid such issues and obstacles as equipment problems, shooting-day snafus, postproduction myths, theatrical distribution deal breakers, and dozens of other commonly made missteps, including the top fifty mistakes every filmmaker makes. From personal experience and his years as a freelance reporter covering independent film for USA Today and Filmmaker magazine, Martin uncovers the truth about the risks and potential rewards that go with chasing celluloid glory. Whether you're writing a screenplay, looking for financing, about to start shooting, or thinking about investing time and money (or someone else's money) in an independent film, The Reel Truth is a must-read.The truth is, despite what anyone may have said on a festival panel, Primer did not cost $7, 000 and Tarnation did not cost $218. ... At the time of its release, Robert Rodrigueza#39;s El Mariachi was widely reported to have cost $7, 000, but Columbia Pictures put $1 million into ... Many of the famous production figures a€” such as the $33, 000 cobbled together to get The Blair Witch Project shot, Neil LaButea#39;sanbsp;...

Title:The Reel Truth
Author:Reed Martin
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-04-28


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