The Refrigerator Files

The Refrigerator Files

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OUT OF THE FRIDGE AND ONTO YOUR PLATE! You have already done half the work. You have roasted that chicken, poached that fish, broiled that chop. But what are you going to do with those odds and ends left over? Certainly not throw them out! Sitting there on your refrigerator shelf, they beckon to you to give them a brand new life. This guide will help you transform your cooked food quickly and easily into appetizing new presentations. You will find: a€c 30 chapters of easy-to-follow basic procedures a€c Simple directions in a simple, unique format a€c A list of suggested procedures for each kind of leftover a€c A detailed index for quick reference to each kind of leftover a€c A check-list for your basic arsenal of ingredients a€c Suggestions for basic kitchen utensils a€c A practical approach to every-day cookingYou can keep it very simple, using for example only some cut-up fresh tomatoes and basil, thus not distracting from the earthy lentil fiavor. Or you can combine as many of your leftovers as you can get away with! Be careful not to incorporateanbsp;...

Title:The Refrigerator Files
Author:Jocelyn Deprez
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11


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