The Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whites

The Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whites

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From Autism to acne, and sinusitis to sleep disorders, a€œThe Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whitesa€ is an all-encompassing guidebook with tips that could help save your life. After years of research, Najia Saadzoi, M.Ed. has discovered that one everyday household item is powerful enough to combat even some of the worst ailments life can throw at you. Within the pages of a€œThe Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whites, a€ youa€™ll find tips and secrets that can help remedy the affects of Multiple Sclerosis, or just with the aches and pains of growing old. The healing properties of the whites of hen eggs are nearly endless, and Najia Saadzoi, M.Ed. has included an incredible number of usages. Including facts, directions, and testimonials from people who have treated illnesses under the instructions of Najia Saadzoi, M.Ed., a€œThe Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whitesa€ will change your life.According to these two scientists, this protein has the capacity to destroy the dangerous oxygen molecule called a free radical. (Sanjay Gupta, M.D. 2007. Chasing ... Collagen acts as a connective tissue (gluelike), similar to an egg white. Much of the human bodya#39;s proteins are fibrous collagen. a€œCollagen protein is present inanbsp;...

Title:The Rejuvenating Power of Egg Whites
Author:Najia Saadzoi, M.Ed.
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-01-28


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