The Reluctant Psychic

The Reluctant Psychic

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Richard West didna€™t want to be psychic. He tried, over the years, to ignore the voices that he heard and the gentle prods he received from a higher place. However, he always wondered why his hands got warm when he was near someone unwell. He also became accustomed to a certain sense of knowing about people and events before they happened and used this to good advantage in his life, first as a customs officer and later as a successful businessman. In the end, Richard couldna€™t avoid the persistent nudging. As his life unfurled, his reticence shrank and his inquisitiveness grew. The Reluctant Psychic is the story not only of how he eventually came to terms with his abilities but also regarding how he puts those abilities to good use as a healer, dowser, and ghostbuster. His bulging case files are full of ghost stories, both funny and poignant, that he has collected in the course of his work around the world. The stories are informative and interesting, and they give valuable insight into the work of a dowser and psychic operating with a foot in both worlds. This book provides comfort and reassurance to all of us who have encountered things that go bump in the night, and it explains in detail how places can affect us in a variety of ways.This is the story of someone who was subjected to all manner of unwanted psychic attention by a mentally disturbed person who was not dead but very much alive! ... that any psychic work demands a grounded approach for it to be credible. I could find no physical explanation or any evidence of ghosts or psychic intrusion.

Title:The Reluctant Psychic
Author:Richard J West
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-03-25


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