The Resurrection of the Son of God

The Resurrection of the Son of God

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N.T. Wright takes us on a fascinating journey through ancient beliefs about life after death, from the shadowy figures who inhabit Homera€™s Hades, through Platoa€™s hope for a blessed immortality, to the first century, where the Greek and Roman world (apart from the Jews) consistently denied any possibility of resurrection. We then examine ancient Jewish beliefs on the same subject, from the Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls and beyond. This sets the scene for a full-scale examination of early Christian beliefs about resurrection in general and that of Jesus in particular, beginning with Paul and working through to the start of the third century. Wright looks at all the evidence, and asks: Why did the Christians agree with Jewish resurrection belief while introducing into it a€“ across the board a€“ significant modifications? To answer this question we come to the strange and evocative Easter stories in the gospels and asks whether they can have been late inventions. Wright seeks the best historical conclusions about the empty tomb and the belief that Jesus really did rise bodily from the dead, recognizing that it was this belief that caused early Christians to call Jesus a€˜Son of Goda€™. In doing so, they posed a political challenge as well as a theological one. These challenges retain their power in the twenty-first century.Peter and six others of the disciples (we assume, of the Twelve) go fishing and catch nothing; Jesus, unrecognized, directs operations from the shore, ... They are anything but cardboard cutouts producing stock responses and questions.

Title:The Resurrection of the Son of God
Author:Tom Wright
Publisher:SPCK - 2012-06-07


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