The Return of Prince Malock (Fantasy)

The Return of Prince Malock (Fantasy)

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After the disastrous voyage to once-mythical island of World's End, Prince Tojas Malock is no longer sure what he believes in anymore. All he wants is time to think about what he and his crew have experienced and to see his home once more. But upon returning to Carnag, Malock's parentsa€”King Halock and Queen Markinia, the rulers of Carnaga€”reveal that they have already arranged a marriage between him and Princess Raya Kabadi, the Princess of Shika, to take place exactly one month later. This leads into a series of events that Malock couldn't have possibly foreseen or prepared for, including the rise of a new social movement dedicated to ending worship of all of the northern gods. In this riveting sequel to qThe Mad Voyage of Prince Malock, q author Timothy L. Cerepaka delves deeper into the world of Martir, a world where the gods are divided and the mortals must do whatever it takes to survive. KEYWORDS: Fantasy, Gods, Princess, Prince, Royalty, Wedding, Besides, he didna#39;t see any reason to beat around the bush, not when he was going to get married without his consent. ... her head nearly as well as Grandmothera#39;s, and said, a€œYou never did, but surely you know that this is how we do things inanbsp;...

Title:The Return of Prince Malock (Fantasy)
Author:Timothy L. Cerepaka
Publisher:Annulus Publishing - 2014-09-27


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