The Rise and Fall of Corporate America

The Rise and Fall of Corporate America

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E.J. Salmon left Cuba with his sister at age fifteen, after the Communists confiscated his family's land. He arrived in the United States poor, but he was eager to participate in an economic system that would help his family prosper again. But today, the U.S. economy is in bad shape, and it could get worse. A nation that was once the greatest and most powerful in the world has been shaken to its core, and it could collapse. To prevent such a calamity, industry and government must work together. Salmon draws upon his experiences in Cuba and in the United States to encourage the people to turn things around. He considers the following: a€c How the failure of the Obama administration to learn lessons derived from the successful government initiatives of the Great Depression a€c Why the government's response to the current crisis has eliminated more jobs than it has created a€c How brazen and corrupt executives and politicians are destroying corporate America. Take steps to understand the problems confronting us and discover solutions to renew the partnership among business, government, and the people. It's not too late to reverse the course if you understandThe Rise and Fall of Corporate America.... for many years thereafter. GM was more open minded than Ford as far as making improvements to production facilities and its products. ... facilities or products. As a result of this reluctance to change, Ford market share dropped significantly.

Title:The Rise and Fall of Corporate America
Author:E. J. Salmon
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-09-28


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