The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine

The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine

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The medical achievements of the post-war years rank as one of the supreme epochs of human endeavour. Advances in surgical technique, new ideas about the nature of disease and huge innovations in drug manufacture vanquished most common causes of early death, But, since the mid-1970s the rate of development has slowed, and the future of medicine is uncertain. How has this happened? James Le Fanu's hugely acclaimed survey of the 'twelve definitive moments' of modern medicine and the intellectual vacuum which followed them has been fully revised and updated for this edition. qThe rise and fall of modern medicineq is both riveting drama and a clarion call for change.Selfevidently, when one or otherofthese proteinsisdeficient or absent then illness will result. ... Once the relevant genehasbeendiscovered a€“ say, the genefor insulin a€“ it can beinserted into aplasmid (the ringof DNAwithin abacterium), sonowa bacterium willmakehuman insulin. Thatisall.Certainly the a#39;engineeringa#39; a€“ getting the gene intothe plasmid and making thebacteria produce insulin in sufficientanbsp;...

Title:The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine
Author:James Le Fanu M.D.
Publisher:Basic Books - 2012-11-06


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