The role of internet connectivity for the economic development of less developed countries

The role of internet connectivity for the economic development of less developed countries

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The current wave of globalisation the trend towards worldwide integration of markets is spurred by the development of ICTs, including the Internet (Miria Pigato, 2001). But there exists founded concern whether this development reaches Less Developed Countries (LDCs). Technological transformations, such as Information Communication Technology (ICT), open new possibilities in various areas. With a rapid technological development the world faces the challenge to match the pace of technological innovation with national and global policy innovation. This paper will analyse the following hypotheses: 1. Internet connectivity has potential to promote economic growth and support sustainable development for LDCs. 2. The application of the Internet technology carries risks for LDCs. 3. Successful application of Internet technology requires appropriate sustainable policies and strategies. The analysis is based upon literature review of economic and development theories, literature about ICT in development with particular focus on the Internet, country and development related information, and statistical data focussing in particular on South Africa and Uganda. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION6 1.OVERVIEW - LITERATURE REVIEW11 2.THE INTERNET AND E-BUSINESS20 2.1Internet20 2.2E-Business21 2.3Internet Connectivity - Indicators22 3.ECONOMIC BENEFITS27 3.1Global proximity, global business networking27 3.2Communication and information retrieval28 3.3E-business opportunities for on-line trade32 4.RELATION BETWEEN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND INTERNET CONNECTIVITY34 4.1South Africa - Regression analysis35 4.2Uganda - Regression analysis38 4.3Comparison South Africa versus Uganda39 5.RISKS AND CONSTRAINTS FOR LDCS41 5.1The Digital Gap / Divide41 5.2Constraints and the widening gap in LDCs43 5.3Barriers and limitations for E-business51 5.4Policies to overcome constraints, barriers and limitations53 6.CONCLUSIONS58 7.APPENDIX60 7.1Appendix - South Africa Statistical Data60 7.2Appendix - Uganda Statistical Data70 BIBLIOGRAPHY80500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 2979 40 South Africa 109 317 0 Uganda Dial-up Internet cost 20 hrs per month in US$, 1998 GDP per capita US$, 1997 Figure 10: Dial-up Internet costs in comparison to GDP per capita in South Africa anbsp;...

Title:The role of internet connectivity for the economic development of less developed countries
Author:Barbara Hatzimichail - 2003-10-20


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