The Romantic Psychedelic Revolutionary

The Romantic Psychedelic Revolutionary

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A barefoot hippie on probation encounters a debutante on a streetcar in New Orleans and falls in love. Thus begins an amazing adventure. There are miraculous escapes, incredible coincidences, and the story of one young man's journey for Goldwater conservative to radical LSD revolutionary - from rational materialism to mysticism - from fast food to natural food. If you have ever been curious about what it was really like to be a hippie, and what motivated the movement, q The Romantic Psychedelic Revolutionaryq is for you. And it is all completely true.It was time for us to quit using drugs and just get high under our own natural energy. We were very well progressed into yoga by then, and with our natural vegetarian diet and living in the country, staying high would be easy. ... Someone had told us long before that LSD wasna#39;t a path to God realization, it was just an awakener. It seemed to us then that he was right. LSD can open the door and show you eternity, but you have to get up and walk on through to the light that makes you free.

Title:The Romantic Psychedelic Revolutionary
Author:David Nazar
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-11


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