The Royal Assassin

The Royal Assassin

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From the author of The Vanishing Thief and The Counterfeit Lady comes an all-new Victorian mystery featuring antiquarian bookseller Georgia Fenchurch, who doubles as a private investigator for the secret Archivist Societya€b When the Duke of Blackford enters her bookstore, Georgia knows the Archivist Society is in need of her services. The Tsar of Russia and his family are visiting Queen Victoria on the auspices of the engagement of the Russian princess Kira to the son of the Queena€™s cousin. When Kiraa€™s bodyguard is found dead on a train returning from Scotland, the Queen calls on Blackford to discreetly protect the princess and prevent an international incident. The Russian royalty refuses help in finding the murderer, suspecting anarchists and demanding every extremist in London be hanged. But that is far from the English way. To get the job done, Georgia must go undercover as Kiraa€™s English secretary. She soon discovers that anarchy isna€™t the only motive in the casea€”and that someone is determined to turn royal wedding bells into a funeral dirge. From the Trade Paperback edition.She made a breathy sound like a a€œpahf, a€ then said, a€œIf you say so.a€ She turned on her heel ... I hoped he would follow the Russian to wherever she lived and find out her name. ... I interrupted her in French with, a€œAre you feeling better, milady?

Title:The Royal Assassin
Author:Kate Parker
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-07-07


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