The Sacketts Volume One 5-Book Bundle

The Sacketts Volume One 5-Book Bundle

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Though most of the epic Sackett series takes place during the 1870s, Louis La€™Amour took great pains to flesh out this iconic familya€™s origins and prea€“Civil War history. Now the five novels chronicling the arrival of Barnabas Sackett on American soil, his sonsa€™ trials in the sprawling new wilderness, and their descendantsa€™ adventures in the West are collected in one indispensable eBook bundle: SACKETTa€™S LAND TO THE FAR BLUE MOUNTAINS THE WARRIORa€™S PATH JUBAL SACKETT RIDE THE RIVER After finding six gold Roman coins buried in an English swampland, Barnabas Sackett invests in goods to trade in America. But he also has a powerful enemy with a grudge that goes back to Sacketta€™s father. On the eve of his departure, Sackett is attacked and thrown into the hold of a pirate ship. After managing to escape, he makes his way to the Carolina coast, where the raw, abundant land promises a bright future. However, before that dream can be realized, Sackett must first discover the secret of his fathera€™s legacy.I must make another bow and some arrows, and I must get skins for a warmer jacket, for now I stood in nothing but breeches and shirt, neither of which would last. ... Several times along the river I had seen great turtles; I saw none now. ... I could make a fish-trap. ... a hoop of one of these I began to bind the ends of the others to the hoop at intervals, using willow bark or the fibres of some of the coarseanbsp;...

Title:The Sacketts Volume One 5-Book Bundle
Author:Louis L'Amour
Publisher:Bantam - 2014-04-07


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