The Savage City

The Savage City

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It was a time of hope and desperation, a time of reckoning . . . In the early 1960s, the Mad Men era, a mood of menace gripped New York City. The crime rate was growing and violence was becoming a daily reality for citizens in every neighbourhood. At the centre of the unrest was a poisonous divide between two camps: the deeply corrupt and racist police of the era and the African American community. Then, on 28 August 1963 - the day on which Martin Luther King Jr stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and declared, 'I have a dream' - two young white women were murdered in their Manhattan apartment. The killings struck fear through the city and ignited a ten-year saga of racial violence and unrest. An epic true-life story of murder, injustice and defiance, The Savage City draws on interviews with participants and extensive research to tell the stories of three very different New Yorkers - an innocent man wrongly accused of murder, a corrupt cop and a militant Black Panther - and to explore this traumatic decade in the city's history.THE RAT-A-TAT-TAT OF machine-gun fire strafed the ceiling at the Triple-O social club. ... a common occurrence at the Triple-O, a gambling and narcotics joint located on a desolate stretch of Park Avenue at 171st Street in ... owners werena#39;t likely to call the cops to report a robbery. ... core of supporters had been living off what Carlos Marighella, in his urban guerrilla manual, referred to as a€œ expropriations.

Title:The Savage City
Author:T.J. English
Publisher:Random House - 2011-04-07


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