The Savior

The Savior

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People are dying in The Pit. The poorest section of California's Dunhill County seems to have a love affair with tragedy, yet lately, more and more unfortunate souls are slipping through the cracks. Dr. Kendra Hamilton got herself off the mean streets. Her mother, Violet, wasn't so lucky--she's the latest fatality on The Pit's ever-growing roster of shattered lives. And although she knows Violet was living on the edge, Kendra is convinced her death was no accident. Someone is preying on society's forgotten people. . .and Kendra intends to find the killer. All she has to do is get the police--one stubborn detective in particular--to take her seriously. In her quest for justice, Kendra will risk everything. Now, as the investigation reveals a trail of corruption and shocking betrayal, she stumbles upon a world in which the lines between duty and desire, benevolence and madness, living--and merely surviving--are irrevocably blurred. And where a cold-blooded psychopath is determined to turn life on the wrong side of the tracks into a death sentence. . .She wipes it away and opens her eyes, only to be assaulted by the brown color of the knotty bedspread, the faded hardwood floor indented with scratches and stained with piss and vomit. ... Violet is a tall, broad-shouldered woman with wide cheekbones and deep- set eyes. They now glitter helplessly as she waits for her fix.

Title:The Savior
Author:Faye Snowden
Publisher:Kensington Publishing Corp. - 2005-09-01


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