The Science of Drinking

The Science of Drinking

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Scientific research has clearly established that drinking in moderation has many health benefits, including maintaining a healthy heart. Yet, many people do not know that drinking red wine protects the heart more than white wine, while beer, margaritas, and hard liquor are less effective in providing such protection. And while alcoholism is a serious problem requiring medical and psychological treatment, for those who are not addicted, drinking alcohol is not necessarily a bad habit. The problem is to distinguish between drinking sensibly and drinking insensibly. Dasgupta clearly outlines what constitutes healthy drinking and its attendant health benefits, offers advice on how to drink responsibly, and provides insight into just how alcohol works on the brain and the body. After reading this book, readers will enjoy their next drink with a fuller and safer understanding of why they're enjoying it.How does it go from beverage to buzz? ... Did you know that the smell we commonly perceive as alcohol is not alcohol but is from other volatile substances ... Scientific research has provided some guidance on how much and how often we should drink to get the benefits of alcohol and at what point drinking hurts our bodies.

Title:The Science of Drinking
Author:Amitava Dasgupta
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2011-04-16


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