The Science of Dune

The Science of Dune

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In this analysis of the bestselling science fiction adventure of all time, authors explore all aspects of Dune, including the fascinating scientific speculations ranging from physics and chemistry to ecology and evolution, from human psychology and mental potential to technology and genetics. Authors and experts examine what Herbert gets right and what he gets wrong, how lasguns might work and if Bene Gesserit and mentat capabilities are possible. The book also takes a look at whether the ecology of Dune is realistic or if it's theoretically possible to get information from the future. Co.Toss a bowling ball onto the sheet to get a huge indentation and you see that a lot of mass means a lot of gravity. ... Traveling to an island off the west coast of Africa, Eddington photographed a total solar eclipse as well as stars in the line of anbsp;...

Title:The Science of Dune
Author:Kevin R. Grazier
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2013-08-21


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