The Screwtape Email

The Screwtape Email

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This book is darkly funny as it explores temptation in the classic tradition of satire. Dark as the subject may be, however, grace overcomes evil. That victory leads to hope. For the purposes of this book, the discovery of Screwtape's email correspondence continues to be a mystery. However, this email adds insight into Screwtape, the supervisor of demon tempters. Screwtape treats the apprentice tempters in the same way that Mr. Wilson treats Dennis the Menace. He has to operate on several levels to maintain his position, his wicked schemes and his ambition. References to his supervisor, Beelzebul, are found in Matthew 10:25; Matthew 12:24-27; Mark 3:22 and Luke 11:15-19. Flaming is the practice of sending resentful comments to an insensitive person who has violated customary practices on the Internet. When someone is flamed, the words that are in capital letters show what is being screamed at the person. qBlack Holeq is a term used in physical science, and it refers to the stripping away of all qualities as an object enters it. Figuratively, it means the loss of all memories of who and whose we are, so that we forget and we are forgotten. The gravity in a physical black hole is so strong that nothing can come out of it, not even light. qThe Lightq refers to the Light of the World and this Light overcomes darkness. (John 1:4-5) In near-death experiences, people have reported seeing a welcoming light, sometimes at the end of a tunnel. A warning is in order. Since he is a self-important, bumbling and unfeeling wet blanket, the reader should not be surprised that Screwtape is not nice. Still, what else would be expected of such a demon? He is seeking the greatest harm for the greatest number of human beings. In addition, Screwtape may pull the wool over our eyes about ideas and facts. Therefore, the reader should not assume that what is said here is true, for false statements are of no concern for an agent of the father of lies. Reviews I enjoyed very much the email messages from Screwtape. You keep very well in the spirit of Lewis, but you also address many of more recent currents of the culture and the ways in which people are enticed off course. I think that Lewis would recognize your work as an effective continuation of his own. W.A.K. in North Carolina I enjoyed reading it. I had read qThe Screwtape Lettersq by C.S. Lewis and this book brings it up-to-date. A.S.E. in Illinois It contains timeless truths as well as refearences to current events. C.E. in Illinois It was fun to read and I got a lot out of it. R.D.S. in Virginia qTHE SCREWTAPE EMAIL chases the reader from one human situation to another with a great diverse collection of metaphors to illustrate. The first response is, 'Ah, I don't do that.' But immediately the next thought is, 'Well, maybe I do!' The use of hyperboles turns human foibles into humor, so we can endure the images of ourselves, while at the same time it provides a serious warning to beware tricks of the Tempter.q -M.A.O. in North CarolinaIf they are lacking fears, it is not easy to get them started down the path demons want them to walk. However, once you get ... The client will begin to think about how much he is worried what other people think about him. That is a danger point .

Title:The Screwtape Email
Author:Arthur H. Williams
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003


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