The Search

The Search

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What does the world want? According to John Battelle, a company that answers that questiona€”in all its shades of meaninga€”can unlock the most intractable riddles of business and arguably of human culture itself. And for the past few years, thata€™s exactly what Google has been doing. But The Search offers much more than the inside story of Googlea€™s triumph. Ita€™s a big-picture book about the past, present, and future of search technology and the enormous impact ita€™s starting to have on marketing, media, pop culture, dating, job hunting, international law, civil liberties, and just about every other sphere of human interest.Site owners were beginning to pay attention to the Google search service itself, in particular to how their sites ranked according to the nascent PageRank algorithm. ... As it still does to this day, such judgment evoked a powerful response. ... I feel confident that if you take 5 minutes to look at my website you will rank it higher.

Title:The Search
Author:John Battelle
Publisher:Penguin - 2005-09-08


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