The Second Coming

The Second Coming

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Born to a prostitute on Christmas Day 1974 in a crime-ridden section of Brooklyn, Waylon Garrett joins a criminal gang in his teens and becomes proficient in all forms of the gang's criminal activities. When he learns that the gang's leader is seeking a legitimate business in which to invest the gang's cash, Waylon by chance discovers that the business of religion, if exploited intelligently, could be the answer. He points out the lifestyles of religion's most financially successful practitioners, all of who rely on a unique concept (or gimmick) for their success. Waylon develops his own qgimmick, q quite unique and apart from anything heretofore thought of by the others and convinces the leader to make the investment. His success begins to significantly cut into the cash flow of the competition resulting in a direct threat on his life that ultimately leads to a murderous climax.a€œOkay, if you say so, but is it because working for them and running their errands embarrasses you? ... I was kind of hoping that you would include me in every part of your life. Am I wrong in how you feel about me? ... She thinks the Italian boys in our neighborhood are a bunch of hooligans who will probably drop out of school before they graduate and wind up working for the sanitation department oranbsp;...

Title:The Second Coming
Author:Gene Camerik
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-05


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