The Secret Lives of Girls

The Secret Lives of Girls

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From playground games of q chase and kissq to rough-and-tumble soccer games, from slumber party stripteases to romantic fantasies behind closed doors, author Sharon Lamb coaxes out girls' true stories with uncommon sensitivity and focus. The result of more than 125 fascinating interviews with pre-teens, teenagers, and adult women, The Secret Lives of Girls reveals the ways that girls use their minds and bodies for private sexual play, mischief, and hidden aggression. To truly understand what little girls are made of, Lamb suggests, we must listen not only to what they say to us but also to what they don't say, taking into account their hidden selves and the lives that we adults don't see. Yes, girls are known to be q good, q but they manage to act out in decidedly ungirlish ways and, despite many parents' fears, be the better for it. What's most remarkable about Lamb's conclusions is that we needn't join the chorus of voices deploring a q girl-poisoningq culture for damaging our daughters. Instead, Lamb finds reason to celebrate girls' resilience in the face of pressures to conform -- and she does it by lFor example, Laura had Barbie and Ken a€œhumpinga€: a€œWe would put Ken on top of Barbie and therea#39;d be a lot of heavy breathing. ... Every time my mom would open the door, Ken and Barbie would be naked . . . and we, it was like there was one Ken doll, and whenever you could, you would buy a Barbie. ... wea#39;d take off their clothes and roll them around on the bed and make little kissing sounds and stuff.

Title:The Secret Lives of Girls
Author:Sharon Lamb
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2002-03-01


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