The Secret Of Game Coding

The Secret Of Game Coding

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It Is The Full Secret Of Game Coding. You can Also call It A complete Game Coding Guide. The book is organized into four parts: Game Programming Fundamentals (Chapters 1a€“4): Exposes some stuff that youa€™ll want in your game programming toolbox, like a good random-number generator. It also introduces the major components of games and how they interact. After you read the chapters in this part, youa€™ll have a good working knowledge of the real architecture that game developers use. Get Your Game Running (Chapters 8a€“9): Ita€™s now time to learn how to get all of the main building blocks of your game together, including the initialization and shutdown code, the main loop, game actors, user interfaces, and input device code. Youa€™ll find your first meaty game code examples. Often, many programming books just gloss over this stuff and jump right into the cool 3D code. But, in reality, this is the stuff you really need to know to create a successful game, no matter what type of game you want to build. Core Game Technologies (Chapters 10a€“18): The tougher code examples are in this section, such as 3D programming, scripting with Lua, game audio, physics, and AI programming. Advanced Topics and Bringing It All Together (Chapters 19a€“24): In this section, youa€™ll find chapters on networking, programming with threads, creating tools in C#, and bringing all the code in the book together to make a little game. Youa€™ll also see some great debugging tricks and an entire chapter on how it feels to be there when you release a commercial game.Game Coding Complete Guide Mike McShaffry, BookSmart Warren Spector ... For example, an action to make and eat dinner in The Sims could take an hour or so in sim time. ... Attacking does some random amount of damage, healing heals a random amount of damage and costs a magic point, while running away gives anbsp;...

Title:The Secret Of Game Coding
Author:Mike McShaffry, BookSmart
Publisher:Booksmart - 2014-09-30


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