The Sewing Bible

The Sewing Bible

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A complete course on sewinga€”from threading a needle to couture hemmingFinally someone has created every sewer's ideal companion: a comprehensive book on every aspect of hand and machine sewinga€”from the most basic to the most advanceda€”with a modern aesthetic and 20 projects to boot. From simple tutorials to in-depth masterclasses, Ruth Singer packs in lesson after lesson on both practical and decorative techniques. The Sewing Bible includes: a€c Easy-to-use instructions accompanied by hundreds of beautiful photographs detailing every stage of each techniquea€c20 functional, fashionable sewing projects that illustrate many of the lessonsa€”from an easy T-shirt transformation to a complex handbaga€”making this a how-to guide and pattern book in one a€cExtensive guides to fabrics and tools, and resources to help you choose the perfect materials and equipment for your projects a€cAdvice on using organic and eco fabrics and working with recycled and vintage fabrics With more excitement than traditional sewing manuals, and much more depth than a book of projects, The Sewing Bible is an easy-to-use guide that's as attractive as it is comprehensive. This is the one book you need whether you're a beginner, an expert, or anywhere in between.Felting (or more technically, a€œfullinga€) preknitted wool in the washingmachine is very easy. The combination of ... that doesna#39;t fray. Different knits comeout as different thicknessesa€”the only way to find out howthick isto try. ... The jumper or yarn needs to be mostly wool, oranother animal fiber likealpaca, angora, or cashmere.

Title:The Sewing Bible
Author:Ruth Singer
Publisher:Potter Craft - 2014-07-09


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