The Sex Offenses and their Treatments

The Sex Offenses and their Treatments

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This book is the only on that lists 115 crimes, offenses, deviances and 62 infamous criminals that can all be blamed on the sex urge and its underlying chemistry. The book also enumerates and briefly explains more than a hundred different treatments that have been used to treat these problems. The efficacy of these treatments has been found to vary greatly. Some of them have even proven to be counterproductive and the best is seldom used. This book is one of the very few available that dwell extensively with the powerful sex urge in its evil results: crime, disease, aggression, jealousy, lost spirituality, etc. in as much detail. Most that is written about sex deals with its good aspects: love, ecstasy, children, family, etc but we need the information in this book to come to the reality of the power of these urges for evil.An urgent appeal for blood donation from German Health Minister Andrea Fischer attracted help from an unusual ... in a crumbling castle on the outskirts of Berlin, volunteered to lead a Red Cross campaign for donors on August 15-16, 1999. ... after slightly over ten years of confinement because of state rules designed to ease prison-overcrowding conditions. He was ... AIP is often related to the menstrual cycle and alcohol, and dieting or injection of barbiturates may precipitate attacks.

Title:The Sex Offenses and their Treatments
Author:Victor T. Cheney
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-10-01


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