The Shadows of The Beasts

The Shadows of The Beasts

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qThe three must be one before the Dominion can truly beginq 18 months after the execution of the rebel leader in Metro City, the world holds its breath as the Sentience Program nears completion. If successful, BEAST-the world wide computer system that helps the United Earth Foundation (UEF) run the affairs of the planet- will gain human-like understanding of its subjects and be able to reason and think like a living mind. The CEO of the UEF and his followers prepare for this new weapon while the 'Remainers' step up their efforts to resist the true nature of those who now rule this world since the time of the 'Great Disaster' that left the population of Earth severly reduced. A Science Fiction telling of the Book of Revelation, the story continues. The paths split and grows more complicated for Carl Jordan and Thomas Thorpe as each begins the work their personal Gods has set before them. Carl preaches resistance to those who will not comply with the world directives, while Thomas brings a simpler message to the ones who refuse to pledge their loyalty to the Order. Join or die.Andrew tossed his gear into the truck and sat in the darkness for awhile as he pawed through the glove box. a€œMap, map, map, a€ he demanded. ... Andrew turned on the dome light and did a quick check ofthe area. He wanted the side roads now.

Title:The Shadows of The Beasts
Author:John Durbin Jr
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-11-21


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