The Shoemaker's Daughter

The Shoemaker's Daughter

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When Hari Morgan's father died, he left her nothing but an ailing mother and the tools of his shoemaking business. But what he also passed on to his daughter was a rare and unusual gift - that of designing and making shoes that were stylish and different. One of the first to realise this was Emily Grenfell, spoilt, pettish daughter of Thomas Grenfell, one of the richest men in Swansea. Emily, who resented the beauty and courage of Hari Morgan, nonetheless was delighted with the dancing slippers she made for her debut at the Race Ball, one of the grandest events of the year. It was to be the beginning of a lifetime of friendship, hatred and rivalry between the two girls for, as Hari's business and fame began to grow, so did Emily's fortune began to decline. And between the two girls lay an even deeper tension, for Emily was about to be betrothed to her cousin, Craig Grenfell, a man whom Hari could not help loving and wanting for herself, a man who finally betrayed her. From then on, Hari was determined that nothing and no-one would prevent her rise to a triumphant success.a#39;You dona#39;t get me to do your dirty work, you must be the one to make up your own mind, right?a#39; Hari returned to the room and placed the pattern book on the table. a#39; Look, how about a pair of riding boots with buckles for decoration, do you thinkanbsp;...

Title:The Shoemaker's Daughter
Author:Iris Gower
Publisher:Random House - 2011-03-22


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