The Side Effects Bible

The Side Effects Bible

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An indispensable resource for every homea€”simple and healthy solutions for counteracting some of the uncomfortable and often dangerous side effects of over 300 common drugs Fatigue, dry mouth, weight gain, nausea, liver damage, stroke, heart failure. Every year tens of millions of Americans suffer from such unwelcome consequences of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Most believe these side effects are the inevitable price they must pay for restoring health. But that is not the case. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research, The Side Effects Bible reveals that up to thirty percent of drug-induced side effects are caused because the drug saps the human body of essential vitamins and mineralsa€”everyday nutrients that can easily be replaced by following the simple, healthy dietary and supplement guidelines outlined in this first-of-its-kind reference guide. Even minor deficiencies of necessary nutrients can bring on major difficulties, and The Side Effects Bible will tell readers what to eat for every drug they take.They work by preventing the bacteria from manufacturing proteins and reprocluc~ ing [la#39;lClTlSLa#39;l\a#39;La#39;S. In a sense, doxycycline and the other tctracyclines prevent ... The antibiotic doesna#39;t immediately cure the pneumonia, but it does shorten the.

Title:The Side Effects Bible
Author:Frederic Vagnini, M.D., Barry Fox, Ph.D.
Publisher:Harmony - 2010-08-11


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