The Silver Mania

The Silver Mania

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This is a definitive study of the phenomenon known as Silver Mania. The conclusions can all be stated in a few pages but the underlying facts are carefully presented to provide a basic under standing and to substantiate the conclusions. Most of those afflicted with silver mania are undaunted by facts; they don't want to be persuaded of the reality of things. Speculators do not learn from history, so this study is not for them. It is for the masses who have been innocent victims of silver mania, and who are able in a democratic society to correct injustices. Silver and gold and copper have a chemical as well as historical relationship. Both silver and gold were scarce until the discovery of silver in the Americas in the 1500's, and the scarcity ratio from pre-1500 is cited by silver bulls as a 'natural price relationship'. During the period that silver was becoming overly abundant it also came into wide usage as a monetary standard and this led to inflation. This was solved by demonetizing silver and the world was thus oversupplied with an attractive metal that was useful only for jewelry and tableware. Silver mines in the United States were the major source of newly-mined silver in the world and the mine operators were able to lobby successfully for legislation to support the price of their product until industrial use started increasing during the 1950's.An ExposAc of the Causes of High Price Volatility of Silver W.J. Streeter ... in September 1963 it reached the magic $1.29 mark, where the value of the silver in one silver dollar equalled one dollar. ... those in possession of dollar bills with a blue seal printed on them could redeem them with one Troy ounce of silver bullion.

Title:The Silver Mania
Author:W.J. Streeter
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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