The Silver! Mine!

The Silver! Mine!

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This novel is a true story! I was a part of it. In 1974 a wealthy industrialist bought the oldest silver mine in the USA. in Lancaster County. The mine had been abandoned for over 100 years when the lower shafts broke into the water table. Once they were drained out super-rich veins of silver were rediscovered. I was the one sent down to see what was there. The discovery was kept a secret, except for the few who knew.The industrialist went on a 14-year quest to uncover the mineral wealth by opening up a quarry. The township refused. They were never told of the silver there.He bided his time and meanwhile opened up a huge campground and vbenue for country-music stars. From 1974 to 1988 every country-music star in the country went there and entertained over 500, 000 people. He figured that, in time, new supervisors would come and he would get his way. He never did. He died, unexpectedly, in 1988, taking his high ambition and his secret with him. Except for me! Now I tell you the story, the truth, untold for all this time. The silver mine is a 300-acre park which can be visited by the general public. But there is no one there to tell the storied past. Except me. Read it here first! Then go and see it for yourself! Christopher Haefner is also the author the 2006 thriller, The Cuz.And hanging just over the desk was a huge ceiling fan, for the moment turned off. It had no pull chain, so it must have been operated from a switch somewhere on one of the paneled walls. ... he would use to repair and restore motorcycles onto a part of an adjacent lot of land, one-fourth acre, which he was the sole owner of.

Title:The Silver! Mine!
Author:Christopher L. Haefner
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-03-24


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