The Single Person's Cookbook

The Single Person's Cookbook

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A friend told me about a new person he'd invited over for dinner later that night. Since my friend is the worlda€™s worst cook and hates cookbooks (too complicated and the recipes are never broken down for single serving meals) the task fell to me to help. My suggestions included everything from a roasted chicken to a stir fry. I also told him he could, a) have me prepare the meal for him, b) do take out c) starve, d) I could help him come up with a few simple recipes he could make himself in 30 minutes or less. While putting together his menu he asked me a question. a€Have you ever thought of writing a cookbooka€? To which I replied, a€˜if I did, it would be specifically for single people.a€™ And as they say a€œnecessity is the mother of inventiona€. The Single Persona€™s Cookbook is written for anyone without a wife/husband/children or significant other to cook for. Or for anyone needing to impress a date or serve a special someone a great meal because you care. In short, it is for anyone who wants a simple, fast, elegant, low fat, (and yes, romantic) home cooked meal in minutes. Each chapter will include approximately 5-10 recipes a- piece and tips to help make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. Although, I have included measurements for these recipes as a frame of reference, Ia€™d like to note that I rarely ever measure anything...ever. In creating a simple meal, I find that using the six senses (instinct being the sixth) are far more important and reliable than a measuring cup. As a single man myself over 40, I'm often aware of the irony of life's little lessons (The blind date that turns out to be your ex-lovera€™s, ex lover). This book will not only be informative from a culinary standpoint but also offers funny little observations about getting through life as a single person of a certain age. (Think a€œSex in the Citya€ meets 30 Minute Meals from a gay mana€™s point of view.) The book also offers tips on fitness (I went from 232 lbs. to 165lbs in about a year) as well as ways to save money on your food bill. Upcoming books ina€ The Single Persona€™s Cookbooka€ series include a€œCooking from your Gardena€ and a€œSouthern Cookinga€.2 large thick chops-butter-fiied 1/z cup long grain rice-cooked 3 large sun dried tomatoes-re-hydrated Olive oil 2 ... And when that happens you may want to serve them a nice quick and easy breakfast (so they can get the Hell out of your house so you can get some sleep). ... dried oregano 1/z teaspoon dried parsley 1 /z cup chopped smoked or honey baked ham a#39;A cup finely chopped yellow onion 1anbsp;...

Title:The Single Person's Cookbook
Author:Tony Wilkins
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-02-16


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