The Sisters

The Sisters

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After many years, The Sisters is finally available again as Overlook republishes this classic spy story by Littell, whose most recent novel The Company received acclaim across the nation. In what Christopher Lehmann-Haupt of The New York Times called qthe plot of plots, q Robert Littell has created the CIA qlegendsq Francis and Carroll, dubbed qThe Sisters Death and Nightq by their cohorts. But few know what these enigmatic and extremely dangerous operatives do. They plot-and they're plotting the perfect crime. They've located the perfect pawn-the Potter, the exiled ex-head of the KGB sleeper school-and, with artful deception, the Sisters coerce him into betraying his last and best sleeper, the man he considers his son. Once awakened, this sleeper, an assassin living secretly in the U.S., will launch a mission of death-unless the Potter, in a desperate race against time, can stop his protege from committing the Sisters' perfect and world-shattering crime.The third microdot identified the target, listed the day and hour of his arrival in the city, traced the routes he could take to get from the airport to the luncheon site, discussed in very general terms angles of fire, distances at which the weaponanbsp;...

Title:The Sisters
Author:Robert Littell
Publisher:The Overlook Press - 2003-06-02


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