The Sky Is Smiling

The Sky Is Smiling

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I was released from an in-patient mental health ward in early March 2006. A trophy pictured in the preface of this book displays the date July 23, 2006, as the initial USA competition poetry award. That date marks the deadline of the period required for a poem to be created, entered, and judged. All that was left for application after my 20 years of post grad training, was creative writing. My hidden hope was to offer in a real way, an apology via deed to all those who encountered me when I was unwell. There is something strange regarding that perioda€™s legal progress, since society so easily ignores this as a€œdealing with madness.a€ My elderly mother watched as my life appeared to unravel, but always offered support. In 2009, as she lay upon her deathbed in hospital, she held the first volume for which she was my sounding board. She smiled and said, a€œWell, at least you have a little hope appearing now.a€ These works you hold are the collated works of this period of hurtful outpour, and are continuous from early 2006 until late 2014.Now, it was apparent as we completed the wheel replacement that our poor ... early stage in his career, our history teachera#39;s overuse of obscurity in word reference had become so entrenched that he was almost unable to converse, nor explainanbsp;...

Title:The Sky Is Smiling
Author:Kevin Munro
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency - 2015-04-01


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