The Small Business Self-Starter Handbook

The Small Business Self-Starter Handbook

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After spending several years in Canada and the Caribbean working with small and medium-sized businesses, John Philip Henderson brings a working knowledge that business owners need to be successful after dealing with the hardships in this potentially tough sector of society. Written in an essentially conversational tone to be easily comprehended by those seeking knowledge in starting up a business, Henderson's business plan will help you with sound and proven topics including: Choosing the right investment goal Deciding your business structure Finding the capital for your business Marketing your product and services Managing your time and your money Henderson shares the advantages and disadvantages of going into business for yourself as well as sharing examples of how to skillfully and profitably implement your ideas. The Small-Business Self-Starter Handbook is a must for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to make the dream of starting their own business a reality.The law rarely specifies how long any special kind of supporting documents should be retained. However, you may keep records of such transactions for tax purposes and should keep them in an orderly manner: a€c All income that you receive a€c Sales, ... In Canada, your records of imported goods must substantiate the price you include in reporting and accounting the goods for duty and tax purposes.

Title:The Small Business Self-Starter Handbook
Author:John Philip Henderson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-03-25


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