The Small Cap Secrets of Wall Street

The Small Cap Secrets of Wall Street

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For the first time, step inside the mind of an anonymous Wall Street trader who over the years, amassed a wealth of knowledge and money investing in speculative, high risk/high-reward, stock picks the would typically trade for under $5 dollars a share. The Small Cap Secrets of Wall Street shines a light on the little known, even less understood, grey area of the stock market, where massive fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye. This written account outlines the mindset, due diligence, strategies, and techniques needed to invest in a market where there are no analysts, few regulations, and next to no rules. Gain a better understanding of this volatile marketplace and the trading strategies Wall Street doesn't want you to know about. Learn how to identify trends, understand fundamental a technical analysis, research investments, and--most importantly--how you could be using an inherent inefficiency in the market to your advantage.So, without further ado, leta#39;s go to the next branch of investment: Technical Analysis. ... Technical analysts look at the history of a securitya#39;s trading pattern, using charts and technical indicators to predict its movement. ... School tutorials.

Title:The Small Cap Secrets of Wall Street
Publisher:Investing Publications LLC - 2014-04-14


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