The Sneaky Red Sock

The Sneaky Red Sock

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Welcome to a world where booby traps are successfully sprung, ghosts frighten teddy bears, and sneaky red socks turn everything in your washer a nice salmon color. This eclectic mix of poems, cartoons and ditties brings you face to face with the US Armya€™s most secretive of weapons, a€œthe Bunny Blastera€ and their all new a€œThink Tanka€. Misbehaving children and even grandparentsa€™ rowdy parties are all dissected with a moral scalpel, and watch out for the Snuggle Monster when ita€™s time to turn out the lights. If you are in need of a€œparent timea€ or just a healthy chuckle before bed time, then why not enter the world of The Sneaky Red Sock.and other eclectic poems Ali Murdoch. The Sneaky Red Sock The Sneaky Red Sock a– and other eclectic poems written.

Title:The Sneaky Red Sock
Author:Ali Murdoch
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-11-24


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