The Sobering Truth

The Sobering Truth

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For over thirty years, author Dr. Jeff Herten was a high-functioning alcoholic-one who drinks every day, yet continues to lead a productive, successful life. Now he shares how alcohol can destroy lives-as it nearly destroyed his.Alcohol is the single greatest social ill in the U.S. Alcohol may lead to deadly cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, and liver. It rots our bones, corrodes our stomach lining, erodes our memories, and suppresses our immune systems. The Sobering Truth explores the associated risks, behaviors and innocent victims of alcohol abuse and recommends resources to help turn their lives around.Frank and honest, The Sobering Truth is a must-read for every spouse, parent, child, employer, physician, and counselor whose life is touched by alcohol. It may be just the wake-up call you need.Alcohol. Poisoning. O. ne minute, he was alive, talking about a mountain bike trip and plans for the holidays. ... The drink of choice for killing oneself with alcohol is hard liquor simply because it has a much higher concentration of alcohol than beer or wine does. ... or tequila, 151 proof rum, or 198 proof grain alcohol (white lightning or Everclear), it is a much shorter journey Dying of Acute Alcohol Poisoning.

Title:The Sobering Truth
Author:Jeff Herten
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group - 2011-04-02


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