The Society We Live In

The Society We Live In

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a€œWhere are The Got-Damn Jobs? Man, I dona€™t know? Leta€™s ask The Republicans, they are the guys Blocking, The Presidenta€™s Jobs Bill for The American People!a€ Did you know that they are a€œThe Partya€ of and or for a€œThe Rich a Wealthya€, For Real, Yeah man, ita€™s just like a€œThe King of Popa€ said, whata€™s that Brother? a€œAll I wanna say is that they dona€™t really care about usa€! Yeah, okay, dig it, I can dig it. Hea€™s right, they do not care! You know, whata€™s that Black Man? I really can use a€œA Joba€ for real man, I got to find a Way to pay these a€œDamn Billsa€, you know? Yeah, stay up Man, take care, alright, you too Bro, Stay cool! By the way Man, howa€™s your Family? You know, everyone is cool, a€œI just need a Job, Man. Why dona€™t those guys just let that Brother do his damn a€œJoba€ and leave him alone? I know, right? Thata€™s how they are, they are afraid of a€œThe Trutha€ you know, they dona€™t want to make any a€œChangesa€, they just want to continue a€œThe Gamea€ you know! Ita€™s like a€œMonopolya€ Man, they want to control a€œEverythinga€, they live on Park Avenue, they own the Rail Roads and all the Homes that went into a€œForeclosurea€, people lost their Jobs, Hell they even got a get out jail free card because none of those guys ever get arrested, do they, never, and then they blame it all on the government, saying that therea€™s too much government? Arena€™t they a€œThe Crooksa€ in the government, yeah, okay then, there you go? Yeah Man that a€œGreeda€ is all due to a€œCorruptiona€, yeah man. Those people are truly a€œSelfisha€! People all over America are a€œStarvinga€ man, yeah I know. It could be worst you know, whata€™s that? If Bush was still in office, yeah youa€™re right. Man dona€™t you know that they are trying to a€œSuppress our Voting Rightsa€, yeah I heard about that, thata€™s deep man, yeah I know dawg, alright man stay up Brother, ah-ight a€œPeace! a€”December 13th 2011a€”Jack L. Brooks Jr.In the Ford Taurus Conference Room, it was called the business plan room. ... a€” December 5th 2011 Yet by being very alert and careful Allan recognized the problems immediately along with everyone else in which made and or a€œMarkeda€ theanbsp;...

Title:The Society We Live In
Author:Jack L. Brooks Jr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-06-26


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