The Sociology of Deviance

The Sociology of Deviance

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This timely second edition remains essentially the same in overall organization and chapter layout and titles. New to the book is updated data and facts from empirical research and government and agency reports. Some information in some chapters was retained from the first edition if it was deemed still relevant and interesting. The definition of deviance has been modified to be more in line with standard understandings of the term which frequently describe deviance as violations of social norms. The word a€œdifferencesa€ remains part of the definition and implies differences in attitudes, lifestyles, values, and choices that exist among individuals and groups in society. The concept of deviance is no longer treated as a label in itself, also placing the definition of the term more in alignment with its standard usage. The title of the book remains the same and a€œtraditiona€ still implies the book covers areas that have long been addressed in deviance texts such as addictions, crime, and sexual behaviors, to name a few. The term a€œstigmaa€ is retained for two reasons: it is in honor of Erving Goffman, a giant in the discipline of sociology who offered much to the study of differences, and it is used to accentuate the importance of societal reaction in a heterogeneous society. In this updated edition, every attempt has been made to respond to input from colleagues and students concerning text content and writing style. Chapters still include a€œIn Recognitiona€ or comments that honor scholars whose research and professional interests are related to the chapters under study. Effective case studies are again included in the chapters. Considerable effort went into decisions of what was to be added, changed, maintained, and deleted from the first edition, resulting in meaningful modifications throughout the book.A recent trend in the United States, most meth is produced in Mexico, and is trafficked into the country, primarily as a result of both ... cold medications that include ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, the primary ingredient required to make meth.

Title:The Sociology of Deviance
Author:Robert J. Franzese
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2015-08-11


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