The Song of Suburbia

The Song of Suburbia

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Award-winning humorist and radio personality David Bouchier has been called qThe H.L. Mencken of the subdivisions.q He applies his satirical wit, wisdom, and a touch of philosophy to the everyday dramas of suburban life. In this second collection of essays, originally broadcast on National Public Radio stations WSHU and WSUF in Long Island and Connecticut, he explores and explains such quintessentially suburban themes as: the the trauma of an empty driveway; romance in the catering hall; a visit from the exterminator; the metaphysics of golf; and the lament of the suburban commuter.Scenes from Suburban Life David Bouchier. somebody ... a€œChange leather belts every three days; tighten steering tiller every five miles; replace all brakes after rain; change oil daily. ... a€œSame car, same driver, same problems, a€ I always tell him.

Title:The Song of Suburbia
Author:David Bouchier
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-03-25


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