The Sorrow

The Sorrow

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The Sorrow is a dark crime story that explores the consequences of pain, and losing yourself to it. Jack Mercer is a struggling cop caught between two worlds - trying to protect his wife and daughter by staying under the radar, or taking the fight to his enemies. When a breakthrough threatens to uncover grand secrets about the mob, their hand is forced and Jack returns home one night to find his family brutally murdered. Three weeks later he receives a phone call from his dead daughter. As Jack chases the ghost of his child, he discovers a darkness within him; a bloodlust that he cannot control.gun anywhere near Victor Ia#39;d be surrounded and shot down before I could drop a witty one-liner. Ia#39;d need a suppressor. Unfortunately real life wasna#39;t as simple as the movies. Only special forces units were given suppressors, commonlyanbsp;...

Title:The Sorrow
Author:Azhar Lorgat - 2014-04-14


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