The Space Detriment

The Space Detriment

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Chapter 1 of the upcoming title The Space Detriment. It is a New Age of Eon. Earth has been suffering. Known as The Awakening, oxygen and water no longer suffocate the overgrown planet anymore, and humans have taken the unforeseen into action beyond the atmosphere and into space. This was known as The Space Detriment, recalled by the glorious engineer Creaon Miles, who famously lead thousands into an unnamed Proxy, a space-craft and have since been living in The Dawn, out in the galaxy. Venture 50 years ahead and experience the space unlike before. Whatever Earth has... it has not been consumed. And the people of The Dawn continue to live treacherous lives with survival adequate but not final. *** A Tall Order. Full-time scavenger Zzytes Cane Hefrald has been an outcast to The Dawn after multiple accounts of theft and trespassing, as recorded by Kyle Quarter, the new leader of the Envisage. He joins the Free-Willing, with a newly built home at the dungeon route near the Valley Meteor. With food running out, the people may have no choice but to return to their old home back on Earth. How far are humans willing to risk to survive? *** Pre-order The Space Detriment at a discounted price! Official book release date: May 25th, 2015. [Using IOS? Check out other ways you can grab the book! Head on over to: and click on Books to get yourself a pdf or epub version right now to read on the go!]aquot;Ita#39;s gonna cost -- I am sure.aquot; He opens the bag as the a red light emits and bounces off the top of the ceiling. aquot;What?aquot; aquot;These ... aquot;I sure as hell do hope you have what I need.aquot; Richill ... My men have been searching for them but they havena#39;t been coming to fruition.aquot; He leans ... a€œThat depends on how much you have. And howanbsp;...

Title:The Space Detriment
Author:Benny Ong
Publisher:Benny Ong - 2015-01-30


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