The Spanish Hotel

The Spanish Hotel

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Alice Evans mysteriously falls from her fifth floor balcony. Unable to prove her fall was not suicide, DCI Collins knows that there is much more to the case. Alicea€™s mysterious final words, and what turns out to be a liberal love life, with partners ranging from cafAc owners to British Government advisors, all convince DCI Colins that there is more at stake. Then links between Alicea€™s death and the questionable conduct of a high profile British politician start to emerge. This is a rip-roaring tale of murder, reminiscent of James Patterson, starting in London, moving to a small Spanish village and climaxing in Dubai. Along the way DCI Collins must battle against a wall of silence erected by the authorities in both Spain and the Middle East as he works to uncover a tangled web of vice and corruption.a€œIa#39;m investigating Aisha, so it obviously falls to the next most senior officer on the case to investigate Spain.a€ a€œClaire will kill me, ... a€œI would have had to cancel your leave anyway, this way you get to salvage something from it.a€ a€œHow do you work that one out?a€ a€œIsna#39;t lateral thinking ... The Met will be paying for your flight, the car hire and the hotel room. Just dona#39;t go ... a€œSo exactly what do you want me to doanbsp;...

Title:The Spanish Hotel
Author:Gary Philpott
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2013-01-01


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