The Spellcaster's Reference

The Spellcaster's Reference

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Need to bless a newborn babe? Wondering what color candle to use for a winter handfasting? What herbs are best to use when the Moon is in Cancer? Magick is intent, but any witch will tell you that intent requires forethought and preparation. And even the most seasoned ritualist needs a reference to determine the best timing and most powerful ingredients for their magical work. From Solstice to Saturday to Seven Oa€™ Clock, from Vervain to Mandrake to Amber, using the right magickal correspondences strengthens any spell, ceremony, or ritual. Here Eileen Holland has gathered together a wealth of magickal knowledge, complete with everything from hours, days, weeks, and astrological alignment to proper corresponding plants, animals, oils, herbs, and deities, and compiled them into the ultimate reference book for anyone seeking guidance in creating their own enchantments. Includes a glossary of less familiar terms and deities, as well as a glossary of ingredients.They are also good times for workings to defeat enemies. In the body, these are powerful times for workings that are related to blisters, fevers, libido, lust, ringworm, sex, surgery, broken ... 5, 9, 16, 65 Metal: brass, iron, steel Element: sulfur Stone: amethyst, bloodstone, diamond, flint, garnet, jasper, red jasper, lava, lodestone, anbsp;...

Title:The Spellcaster's Reference
Author:Eileen Holland
Publisher:Weiser Books - 2009-10-01


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