The Spy Business

The Spy Business

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They had been watching her every move. Now, it's time for them to reveal themselves to her. She'll become one of them soon. Either one way or another... Claire has the feeling she's being watched, that was even before the unfortunate events on her life started. At first, she thought it was just one of those bad day everyone gets, but her instincts says otherwise. Now, as recruit spy, she has to find out who is sabotaging ISA. Will she find out who the threat is before its too late? or will she lose more than what she bargained for?three hatchlings used to be, waiting for their mother to come back home with their food. Now, looking out the ... Maybe things would not turn as bad as Elizabeth predicted. Everything will ... So now, instead of crying over memories, I try to make new ones. New memories ... Nothing will be the same again and forgetting will never be as easy as not trying to remember but there is always hope. Everybody inanbsp;...

Title:The Spy Business
Author:Jezreel Castro
Publisher:Experiences & Experiments Books Pte Ltd -


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